Sunday, August 05, 2007

design lab

i have completed the 2x6 stick framing on the workshop. I am working on the door hangers. The galvanized metal roof went on smoothly and rain water is draining as it is supposed to. I would like to put rain barrels on the back side for a little water catchment, but the doors and polygal glazing comes first.
The space has limited functionality, but i am making a few small projects come to life.

These are rapid prototypes made from blueboard insulation. They will most likely work as the armatures for slip casted porcelin/ceramic sculptures.

This is a prototype of a small doll house for children. it is made from birch plywood and measures 36"x12"x12". I've had some successful play testing with some local kids. it's a pleasure to see them climbing on it, playing in it, and engaging in imaginative play.