Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Totem - Day 06

My gut feeling was right, I had to go back into the woods and drag out another chunk of Red Oak(sitting at the base of the sculpture) to replace the previous middle head. The wood was some sort of Juniper/Conifer that i was taking a chance on. It just wasn't solid wood. I widdled down 8-10" off of its diameter and it still wasn't solid. There was some rot inside. I'll chop it up for kindling. I wasted some time on it, but I'm happy to have the Red Oak in its place. So now the sculpture will have the following wood from bottom to top: White Oak, Red Oak, Cherry, Walnut. I also rearranged the order of the heads. The Olmec head reads nicely at eye level. It will sit second in line from the bottom. I was happily rained out today. We haven't had enough rain this summer. Below is a shot of the olmec head at night.

This Cherry head will sit 4th in line. It's well under way after only an hour of carving, but still needs quite a bit of refining.

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