Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Totem - Day 13

Today it rained, the sun came out, it rained. Each time I put the tools away and brought them back out I thought that would be it for the day. Anyway i managed to get a good amount of time in.
I thought I might describe some of the tools I use daily. I have this 4 1/2" Dewault angle grinder with Lancelot blades and disks. These disks allow me to carve out the contours of the form quickly and smoothly. I also use a Poulan 220 with 16" bar for little straight cutting and shaping and a Stihl 440 with a 20" bar for the big cutting.

Generally the process goes from big tools to little ones, but i'm always dancing between the range of saws, grinders, chisels, and gouges. I love my set of Marples chisels. They stay sharp a long time and perform many tasks. My drill is a Bosch 18 volt cordless. I used it today along with a 17" ship auger bit to bore the holes for the steel connector pins. What a strong drill! It hasn't failed me yet.

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