Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Totem - Day 35

We are getting to the nitty gritty, folks. I've made some special modification on the back side which i'll get a shot of next time. And i just realized that i haven't been photing the back up until now. Needless, i guess, because it was just the back of the heads. I've begun glopping her up with some sealant to deter rot, mold and uninvited insect squatters. The white oak, as my brother pointed out to me, will be the best defense against those three previosly mentioned visitors Although the Cedar would probably take the prize for top rot resister of the group. Anyway it's trivial, because i'm gloppin' it up. I hope the UV rays don't burn it right off.

In order to reach all those hard to reach places I have to dismantle the entire sculpture again. (200th time) In this picture I have the second head suspended above the bottom head so that i can reach the under carriage. The rest of the seven heads are laying on the ground waiting for a second coating.
I'll need to construct a base to fasten the sculpture onto the cement footer Art in Place is providing. I'll do that using a presure treated wood alternative from a local Green Building supplier in town called Nature Neutral They have some great supplies, check 'em out. The next photo is the spot where i'll install the sculpture and it will stay for the next year unless purchased. See how close it is to the road! yikes.

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Mat said...

You'll need some orange cones.