Saturday, September 23, 2006

totem - Day 31

The past few days I have been sitting and watching the carving. I'm just trying to take it in for all its worth. I'm sharpening my chisels and gauges doing a bit of refinement here and there. Mostly though the process has brought me to a point where there will be a just a few more touches. The faces are, i believe, in a good state between character/anime, like a biker gang and ancient warriors stacked up in memorial.

One thought has been to carve a single face in back of the third head. It is both the only piece of wood that has enough girth to accomodate a rear looking face and it is the middle of the sculpture. I think it will pose balance for the viewer as they fly past the sculpture. It is to be placed in the median on 5th st extnd. speed limit 45mph. a bit too quick for my taste, but what can i do. next year.

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