Wednesday, September 13, 2006

totem - Day 21

So far so good. I've refined all the heads that under way. I'm considering the 5th and possibly a 6th head. It'll have a russian doll effect maybe. i'm running ideas through my head. I also have to consider the location where it will be placed. Right now it looks like 5th street in the median. To me, it seems a fast to view the sculpture and not enough frontal viewing. The heads having faces require a 270 degree view from the front. But that is jsut the opinion of the sculptor.

I've decided to put in some slightly futuristic elements on the sculpture. This head (pictured above) has goggles pushed up on his helmet. and the bottom head has a microphone attached to his helmet. they are slight details, but necessary to position the sculpture in both the past with the Olmec and the future with technologica.
The last few days have been great but the rain and slightly drizzly weather has kept me from working any long hours out there. Mostly i've just had the sander and the chisels out.

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