Monday, September 18, 2006

totem - Day 26

Nearly a month after i started and i am finis.... hold on..i just had a great day of carving. Yesterday i was able to get three heads started and nearly finished. today after some juggling, i fit those heads, pegged them together with oak dowels and began refining them.The top head (the 7th) is a spitting image of the second head, just in miniature. Yes, its seven heads now.
As Harris likes to say, "that's a nice pile of heads you got there."

The most challenging part of the process right now is fitting and pegging the heads together so they are secure and stable. Each head has to be levelled on the top and bottom and then the hole must be bored straight and square to the surface. Doing that is a bit tricky. But the top four heads are fit and secure and now i must address the bottom three monsters. the bottom head weighs in close to 600 lbs.


Doug said...

I betcha you could get a few more on there...

Anonymous said...

looks like dutie